Borinci Plantation

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We respect the tradition of over half a century of successful apple cultivation in this area, and we continuously invest in the orchard. In the last few years we have erected new plantations of different apple varieties on more than 90 ha surfaces. Our most represented varieties are: Royal Gala, Idared, Granny Smith, Royal Gala and Red Cap.


We have recognized the lack of supply of berries of Croatian production and on more than 21 ha surface we have invested in new raspberry plantations of the predominant variety Polana in the last two years.

Višnja - Mashnja

We are especially proud of the new cherry plantations that we have raised in close cooperation with the Agricultural Institute from Osijek. The implementation of this project on an area of more than 310 ha has significantly covered the needs for cherry raw materials in its own processing. Frozen cherries are one of our main export products to EU member states.


In order to expand our offer, we have invested in plum plantations on more than 40 ha of surface.