Vinka production

Company activity

Vinka has been a society with tradition since 1967. Year. The Company's business activities are based on two important segments: the Borinci orchard, which covers 900 Ha and vegetable and fruit processing plants into frozen products. Vinka is the only Croatian vegetable processor by freezing.

From field to table

We develop the story from field to table from careful selection of seeds of the world's best producers and bespoke collaborations with experienced gardeners who accompany us and develop together with us. We are constantly in communication with partners from other countries, and we monitor innovation and trends. In the future, we wish to branch out a network of subcontractors who have recognised their interest in growing fruits and vegetables. In the factory all year round we reproduce fresh fruits and vegetables according to the requirements of the market. Many of our products are on offer as monoproducts packed according to the customer's wishes. Over the last two years, we have seen great potential in mixes as a result of the need to save consumers' time and the desire to enter as many nutrients as possible from one meal to the body. Our best recommendations are traceability of all our production processes, quality that we continuously improve and satisfied customers.


Through the fast freezing process, we guarantee the quality of the product that retains all its nutritional values.


We pack products according to the wishes of our customers in small retail packages, larger HORECa packaging for restaurants and hotels, and large packages for industrial customers.


By storing frozen products under controlled conditions we ensure availability throughout the year.